Version 14.19

This window is no longer available with the release of OP 19. Please see the 14.10 tab for information on this window.

Version 14.10

About Links

Path: Activities Menu > Internet/PDF Resources (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][A][I])

The links window links to the CDC, National Library of Medicine, Medline Plus and other web sources.  To find the links, click on the category to expand the link list for that group.  The web links are helpful aids to obtain information fast.  For example, during a phone call or visit, you can rapidly access a site like and obtain information on travel. 

Note:  These links will not be available to attach to visit Templates. They are for the purpose of quick access only.

Links Map



Web Links tab
The Web Links tab contains the categories that contain various web links for quick access to online websites.


PDF Links tab
The PDF Links tab contains paths to locate PDF documents.


Function buttons
The function buttons post a record, delete a record, edit a record, post an edit, and cancel an edit.  Click the Refresh button to refresh the references in the Web Links and PDF Links tabs.