LKArchive: View Patient Records

Version 20.13
Path: Clinical or Practice Management tab > Document Mgmt button
Path: Patient Chart button > Documents


Ellkay archive Single Sign On functionality (LKArchive) allows practices that are migrating to OP to store records from their legacy system and be able to view directly from OP in patient context without need to login. Once LKArchive has been set up for your practice by OP's Implementation team, all users in your practice will have access to a LKArchive button within Document Management.

Accessing LKArchive

  1. Navigate to Document Management following one of the paths above.
  2. Confirm the patient you want is selected or search for a patient.
  3. Select the LKArchive button. 

  1. The LKArchive window opens and displays the selected patient's records.

Note: In the LKArchive window, you can search for another patient if necessary.