Locating Immunization Registry Files

Clients with a unidirectional interface that is not near-real time can locate their immunization registry files by logging into OP;

  1. (OP 14) Select Activities > Administrative Documents from the main menu at the top of your OP screen.

(OP 19 & OP 20) From the Admin tab, select Admin Documents. 

  1. Within the search criteria section, choose your state's immunization registry from the Correspondent ID field.
  2. Select IMM from the Transaction type field.  
  3. Select a begin and end date in order to view the files created within a particular time frame (or you can choose to skip this field).
  4. Click the Search button.

  1. Select one file at a time.
  2. Once all the files are selected, click the Export button.

  1. Save your file to your Registry folder that has been created for you on your desktop.
  2. Select the Save button.
  3. You will receive the following confirmation window message: "Would you like to update the reviewed status for the selected records?" Click the Yes button.
  • Yes: this file will no longer be visible within OP (the file has not been deleted).
  • No: the file will remain on your list.
  1. If you want to review your files again after you have selected the Yes button, select the Include reviewed records checkbox and and click the Search button. Your file will re-display on the list.

  1. Your file is now ready to be uploaded to your states immunization registry.
  2. Once you have successfully transmitted the file please go back to the registry folder and highlight the file. Drag and drop this file into the Archive folder. This will eliminate any confusion on which files have been submitted and what files have not been submitted.