Log Off All Sessions (Windows)/Force Quit (Mac)


Cloud sessions may need to be disconnected if: 

  • OP freezes
  • There are Cloud printing issues
  • There are persistent error messages preventing the user from navigating around OP


There are two methods of ending a Cloud session:

  • Log Out All Sessions: Ensures the user is disconnected from the Cloud session so that when initiating another sign-in, a new session starts.
  • Disconnect All Sessions: Ends the current connection but retains the same session. If problems were encountered when using this method, you will continue to experience the problems.

It is suggested that you use the Log Out All Sessions (Windows)/Force Quit (Mac) method to ensure you are fully disconnected from your Cloud session. By doing this and then establishing a new connection, the above-mentioned issues will be resolved in most cases.

To log off all sessions for Windows users (or Force Quit for Mac users), follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click the Parallels (or 2x) Icon in your taskbar.

  1. Select Log out all RAS sessions if using Windows (or Force Quit if using a Mac).

  1. Confirm you are logged out by right-clicking the Parallels (or 2X) Icon in your taskbar. The Log out all RAS sessions (Windows)/Force Quit (Mac) indication should be grayed out before reconnecting. It may take a few seconds to completely disconnect. You may have to click Log Off All Sessions a second time to successfully end the connection to the Cloud.