Lot Number Report

Version 14.10


The lot # report in the vaccine inventory will allow you to find out how many patients received a vaccine.

Setting Parameters to Print Out the Lot # Report

  1. Open the vaccine inventory: Activities > Maintain Vaccine Inventory.
  2. Click to highlight the vaccine lot for which the report is to be run then click the  button. To run the report based on dates only, do not select a vaccine lot,  click the  button instead.
  3. The choose report parameter(s) window will open.

The Choose Report Parameter window will open.  

  1. You can leave the box checked to see All Dates or Choose a date range.
  2. Using the manufacturer lot number will bring up all lots within your date range that have that specified lot number.
  3. Clicking on the radio button and using the OP assigned lot ID is going to just pull the specific lot that was highlighted prior to clicking  .
  4. If you are looking for a specific lot, check off the box next to "All Lots used in this period".
  5. Click the OK button to generate your report.