Making an Insurance Record Inactive

Version 20.17
Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Insurance


To maintain the accuracy of a patient's Insurance record as well as a historical list of previous coverage, it is Best Practice to inactivate insurances as they expire so that a record of previous coverage is available.

Inactivate an Insurance Record

  1. Navigate to the patient's Insurance record by following the path above.
  2. Select the Insurance plan that needs to be inactivated, and click the Edit button.
  3. Click the Status drop-down and select Inactive from the list.
  4. (Optional) In the Terminated field, enter the date when the Insurance became inactive.
  5. Click the Save button.

Note: The date the insurance record was updated and by which user ID is displayed in the Policy status section. This includes when an insurance record is set to inactive.

  1. (Optional) If the patient is Self-Pay, click the Self-Pay button. A confirmation window displays to set the patient's insurance as Self-Pay, click the Yes button.
  2. (Optional) Proceed by adding the patient's new insurance. See Create a New Insurance Record.
Version 20.16
Path: Smart Toolbar > Insurance Button


This page will instruct you on how to make an insurance record inactive.

Making an Insurance Inactive

  1. Click on the Insurance tab .
  2. Click on the Insurance plan.

  1.  Click the Edit button in the middle tool bar.

  1. In the Policy Status section, in the right of the window, locate the Status Field
  2. Click on the down-arrow to the right of the Status field, and select Inactive from the dropdown list. 
  3. If you know the termination date of the policy, click the down-arrow to the right of the Terminated field, and select a date from the dropdown list. Click the Post Edit buttonmark to save.

Insurance Record: Inactivating an Insurance

  1. If the patient is Self-Pay, click the Self-Pay button, in the middle of the insurance record screen.
  2. A popup message will prompt you to confirm, "Clear the patient's insurance and reset as Self-Pay?" 
  3. Click Yes. The patient's insurance will now be set to self-pay.

Insurance Record: Setting Self-Pay

  1. To create a new insurance record, click the Insert Record buttonin the middle of the tool bar and follow the procedure for Creating a New Insurance Record.