Manage the Order Worksheet

Version 14.10


The Order Worksheet is used to assign tasks to departments within the practice. Tasks can be associated to an encounter or well-visit template and automatically populate the Order Worksheet or can be assigned through each of the tabs located on the Order Worksheet.

  1. From the current Encounter Note select the Assess/Plan button.
  2. The Assess/Plan window displays.

  1. The Order Worksheet is active at the bottom section of the Assess/Plan panel.
Order Worksheet Summary Tab
Medication Entry Tab
Diagnostic Test and Lab Entry Tab
Immunization Tab

Survey Tab
Follow up Task Tab
Other Task Tab
Delete a Task icon, remove highlighted order.
Add Referral button opens the Referral/Care Transition Details window in order to add a referral.  This button appears when the Other Task Tab is selected.
Save and Assign Tasks icon, create checklist tasks for the current tab.
Do Now icon, perform a highlighted task now.