Managing User Permissions

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Practice > Staff/Provider Directory


To assign individual permissions or program privileges to a specific staff member, select the staff member and click the Security Access button on the Basic Info tab and follow the steps below.

Warning: Not all permissions should be assigned individually. In most cases, there are several permissions that must be assigned together in order for one specific function to work properly in OP. 
  1. To assign specific Permissions to a user, click to select that user's Staff ID in the 'Users' column.
  2. Click on the Permission you would like to assign that user in the 'Permissions' column. 
  3. Click the left arrow button. The permission will be now be listed under the selected Staff ID.

  1. To remove permissions from a user's permissions list, click to select the permission listed under their ID. Click the right arrow button to delete the permission.

  1. When your work is complete, click the Exit button . Your changes will be saved.