Mapping the gdb_common Network Drive

To map the gdb_common folder:

  1. Right-click on Start and select Windows Explore to open File Explorer
  2. From the menu located at the top, select Tools > Map Network Drive (Computer > Map Network Drive for Windows 10).  The Map Network Drive window appears.
  3. On the Map Network Drive window, select the drive letter to be mapped in the Drive dropdown (we recommended X:).
  4. Enter the IP address and gdb_common share in the format \\ipaddress\gdb_common in the Folder field.
  5. Check box to Reconnect at logon (Reconnect at sign-in for Windows 10).
  6. Click the Connect or Finish button. If you are asked for a username and password, enter the username and password for your server and click to remember the password. This will map the drive.

Note: If an error appears, you may need to contact your IT person/department for the correct way to map a network drive within your network or determine the server username and password.