Medical Decision Making-Based Coding


 A Closer Look at MDM in OP Video
Run-time: 38:37 - In this video, Dr. Sue Kressly provides a closer look at how MDM is indicated in OP to support the 2021 Office Visit E/M Coding and Documentation Changes.
Where and How MDM is Indicated and What OP Can and Cannot Do
This article contains everything you need to know about where and how MDM is indicated in OP and what OP can and cannot do.
At-A-Glance: OP to AMA Problem Status Crosswalk
Here is a simple, at-a-glance view of the OP Problem Status to the AMA problems addressed at the Encounter.
Definitions and Examples of the Elements of MDM
Here are definitions and some examples of each element of MDM.
Medical Decision Making Calculation Support in OP
This is an MDM Calculation support cheat sheet that displays each E/M code with its respective Level of MDM and the elements documentation that supports it.
E/M Coding for MDM: Revert Lab Interface Temporary Workaround
Overview In order to correctly calculate orders for MDM-based E/M coding purposes for practices using a lab interface, a temporary workaround included steps to edit Lab Facilities to be Requisition and Order. The workaround is no longer required a...