Medication Favorites and Validating NDCs

Version 14.10
Path: Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Medication Favorites (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][F][M])


Medication Favorites will need to be updated and reviewed approximately every 3 to 6 months with the proper NDC. This will first occur when you get OP installed. This is also where you will give your staff Proxy rights to write prescriptions on behalf of the Provider. Please keep in mind that NDCs will need to be valid to send prescriptions from this list.

To successfully send medications electronically your medication favorites will require a valid NDC number. To validate your medication favorites follow these steps:

  1. At the bottom of the Medication Favorites, click the Validate NDCs button.

  1. Click OK to continue. Once the operation is completed, you will see a pop up box that states how many NDCs are invalid. 
  2. Click OK to continue. All invalid medications will be highlighted in red.

  1. Click the Edit button to update the NDC. You may find it useful to filter all invalid medications by hovering over the Invalid column header and clicking the filter icon to select the True checkbox. You will now only see the invalid medications.

  1. The Edit Drug Details window opens. Click the Edit button to search for the updated NDC (you may need to search for the generic medication name).

  1. At this point, you may mark the medication as Proxy if staff may write this on behalf of the Providers. Click OK to save.

  1. If necessary, deselect the Invalid checkbox and continue updating the NDCs. Click OK once you are done updating the list. 

Click for video: How to Validate NDCs for Medication Favorites.