Medication Management


Medication Tab
This article will show you how to add a medication from within a visit note.
Medication Add and Review
This section will introduce the section of the Preventive Exam used to document or review medications. The user will be guided through the fields to easily review and document additional information.
Review or Document Medications
This section will introduce the users to the section of the note used to document or review medications.
Printing Prescriptions
How to print the various types of prescriptions.
Refilling a Prescription
To ensure that a member of your practice does not refill a medication that previously caused an allergic reaction, it is important that all drug reactions be entered in the patient's chart notes.
Prescription Rules
In order to have access to the Medication List, you must be a provider with at least Level 2 rights. This is added security to prevent the misuse of the prescription module.
How to use E-Prescribing (e-Rx) Center
The E-Rx center is now included in the F7 Schedule / Practice Workflow screen. This form provides a 'home base' for all E-Prescribing transactions.
Writing Prescriptions: Basic Instructions
The procedure for writing a prescription is the same for all formats, up to the point where the format is selected.
Writing Prescriptions: Entering a Reference Prescription
When a specialist or other doctor prescribes a medication for one of your patients, enter it in the patient's Medication List with a note that the medication had been written by another doctor.
Writing Prescriptions: Writing a Free-Text Prescription
How to write a free-text prescription.
Writing Prescriptions: Writing an E-Prescription
How to write an e-prescription.
Change Request Generic Substitution
Version 20.0 Overview Change requests are sent to the practice from the pharmacy. In this article we will discuss a change request for a generic substitution. For instruction on enabling Change Request in OP, click here . Accept A Generic Su...
Specifying a Generic Medication
Overview Currently, if there are multiple manufacturers for the same generic medication, OP only displays one in the Master List. Generally, this is preferred because the user doesn’t really want to pick from a potentially long list of generi...
Using the Liquid Dose Calculator
Version 14.19 Overview Most liquid medications that pediatricians write are single medications (as opposed to combination medications). Therefore, as in the case of amoxicillin or cefdinir, it’s straightforward how to use the Liquid Dose C...
Sending a Prescription
Version 14.19 E-Prescribing allows providers to send prescriptions electronically instead of printing them. Once the e-prescribing feature is activated, offices are able to select pharmacies from a pre-populated list of pharmacies from across the...
Cancel an Electronic Prescription
Version 20.0 Overview This section will introduce the users on steps to cancel an electronic prescription. The user will be guided through the workflow to initiate the cancel and track the transaction status. The cancel request is used to notify...
Change Request Prior Authorization
Version 20.0 Overview Change requests are sent to the practice from the pharmacy. In this article we will discuss a Change Request for a Prior Authorization. The Change Request type of Prior Authorization will be sent when the pharmacy needs a P...
Change Request Therapeutic Interchange
Version 20.0 Overview Therapeutic Interchange messages requests are sent by a pharmacy for any prescription request that can't be categorized as either a Generic Substitution or a Prior Authorization request. Pharmacist has received that pre...
NCPDP Medication Unit Changes and Crosswalk
Overview Periodically, the certification body for e-prescribing changes standards for transmitting medication information to and from pharmacies. Effective 10/1/19, the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) made changes to the...
Importing Medication History
Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart > Medications Overview The purpose of importing medication history allows the practice to include medication prescriptions from providers outside of the practice. This may ...
Pharmacy Benefits Eligibility Checking
There are Surescripts Pharmacy Benefits requirements for finding a patient match. The Surecripts patient match for Pharmacy Benefits also applies for Medication History since eligibility response information is sent in the medication history request...