Memorize a Check Number for Reuse while Posting EOB

Version 14.10


When your are posting EOB's in Office Practicum, you can use the "memorize" check feature as you are posting an EOB. This is a nice feature to use when you are posting multiple children on the same EOB and refrains you from consistently typing in the same check number multiple times.

From the Patient Account

  1. Click the Patient Account button ´╗┐and Search for patient.

  1. Click on Payments  button.
  2.  Click on Add Payment button to enter a new payment.
  3. In the upper left hand corner of your screen enter in your payment of method, enter in your check/payment number, and then click on "M" to memorize that check number for a future re-use on another patient on the same EOB.

      5.  When accessing the next patient to post on the EOB, use the CK button to populate the memorized check number.          

From Bulk Payments

Path: Activities menu > Post Bulk Payments (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][A][P])
  1. Search for the patient .
  2. Or Search the OP Quick Pick Claim# field (if available on the paper remittance) .
  3. The Post Bulk Payments window will automatically retain the check number until you click Save/Close at the bottom of the payment window.