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Menu Navigation

Version 14.19

Refer to the following article to learn how to do this in OP 19:

OP 19 Nomenclature

Version 14.10


The Menu Navigation bar is accessible after logging into OP. It contains dropdown menus categorized by the heading visible on the menu bar itself. Some options require specific Permissions and may not be available for all users.

Navigation Bar & Menu Items


Menu ItemDescription
EncryptNot currently used.
DecryptNot currently used.
VerifyNot currently used.
Printer SetupThis is available to Client Server only.
Exit Office PracticumThis option will close Office Practicum.


Menu ItemDescription
Patient DirectoryAllows user to search all patients registered in OP.
Maintain Vaccine InventoryAllows users to add/maintain Vaccine lots in OP.
Review Records in QueueThis will allow you to view Vaccine records that are in the outbound Queue to your state's Vaccine Registry.
Review Transmittal LogReflects all of the batches and their contents that have gone to your state's Vaccine Registry.
Contact ManagerOpens up the Contact window with all patient contacts. Duplicate contacts can be merged here.
Create General LettersAllows you to create customized letters for patients, and save them as templates for future use.
Internet/PDF ResourcesHouse links to external website references and resources.
Patient Message XchangeThis is a third party software that allows reminders, recalls, etc. to be sent to a parent electronically. This functionality requires enrollment and is for a fee. If contracted to utilize this service, specific individual permissions must be assigned to the user.
Administrative DocumentsThis area will allow you to pull up and review historical items such as: Claim files, Patient Statement files and Daysheets.
Post Bulk PaymentsRoutes to the 'Add Payments and Adjustments' window, where you have the ability to post payments for several claims/patients. This is primarily used for manually posting EOBs.
Capitation Payment: Single EntryFunctionality is not currently working.
Capitation Payment: Distributed EntriesFunctionality is not currently working.


Menu ItemDescription
Demographic/Analysis RecallAllows you to filter patient demographics using specific criteria such as: age, sex, date of birth, insurance etc. Clinical and Vaccine Status Recalls may also be specified. Care Plan Recalls will allow you to determine what Care Plan and specific Recall Item is needed.
Vaccine Inventory ForecastAllows you to run a report by this month to see a prorated list of vaccines that you may use for the current month. Selecting next month will give you a prorated number of the vaccines you may use for the following months.
Grid Analysis of Immunization RecordsAllows you to run vaccine related reports. The filters on this report make it possible to obtain different types of vaccine data.
Review CPT OccurrencesAllows the user to search the number of occurrences in which an E&M code was posted during a selected time frame. This analysis can be specified for one insurance or for all insurances.
Daysheet LogThis will allow you to view historical Daysheets along with totals of each respective Transaction (Charges, Payments, Adjustments).
Standard ReportsThis option offers a dropdown menu of useful 'standard' reports: Transactions by Check Number, Financial Summary, Charges Per Scheduled Appointment, Unbilled Charges for Scheduled Appointments, Reimbursement per Visit, and Scheduled Appointments.
Billing Transaction Analysis ReportThis 'line item' based report contains an extensive selection of filters and criteria that can be used to create numerous financial reports. Billing Analysis also allows the user to save their report parameters for later use.
Reimbursement AnalysisThe Reimbursement Analysis is a 'charge based' report that contains an expanded selection of filters that can be used to create and save financial reports. Users can view reimbursement for various CPT Codes and Insurance combinations.
Review ReceivablesThe Review Receivables report allows the user to filter and group data by items such as: Insurance, Provider, and Balance (both Insurance and Patient).
A/R Aging AnalysisThe A/R Aging Analysis reflects Patient and Insurance balances according to the appropriate A/R Aging buckets, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days and over. Users can filter the data by Insurance, Rendering Provider and Location.
Historical A/R AnalysisThe Historical A/R Analysis window allows you to isolate receivables for a specific time period (based on daysheet). It further allows data to be grouped by Rendering Provider, Insurance and Location. This report is typically used for "Monthly Changes in A/R".
Proof Patient AccountsThis option will take you to the 'Patient Accounts: Proof Calculation and A/R History Maintenance' window. From here you can "Proof" all accounts in OP. This means that all tables will be checked to make sure that "Charge (- minus) Adjustments and/or Payments = Balance" in respective Insurance or Patient buckets. 'Proof Patient Accounts' must also be updated prior to running any monthly financials.


Menu ItemDescription
Manage CodesThis option will take you to a sub dropdown menu that contains code tables such as: Diagnosis Codes, Procedure (CPT) Codes, Vaccine Related Codes, Registry Codes, HIPAA Codes etc. From here you can access these tables and modify/add these types of items.
Manage PracticeThis option will take you to a sub dropdown menu that contains Practice related tables such as: Practices/Locations, Departments, Staff/Provider Directory, Appointment Preferences, Schedule Templates, Appointment Preferences etc.
Manage Clinical FeaturesThis option will take you to a sub dropdown menu that contains Clinical related items such as: Template Editors, Diagnostic Test Setup, Care Plans, Medication Favorites etc.
System AdminThis option will take you to a sub dropdown menu that contains OP Administrative items such as: Security Administration, Security Audit Trail, System Preferences, Archive Records etc.

Log In/Out

Menu ItemDescription
Log InThis option will bring up the OP Log In Window. Here, you will enter your User Name and Password
Log OutThis option will log you out of OP and bring up the OP Log In Window.  The user can enter their User Name and Password to Log In.
Emergency Privileges Override Log InThis option will allow a user to access a patient's record that has higher Medical Record Visibility settings. For example, in an emergency situation, a user with lower credentials than 'Provider Only' may have to view a record that contains sensitive information. The 'Emergency Privileges Override Log In' allows that user to access the record while creating a tracking entry that documents the purpose for the override. If the requested info is not provided, the user will not gain access to the record.
Show Logged In UsersThe "Who is Where" window displays who is logged into OP and allows you to force users out of OP, if necessary.


Menu ItemDescription
OP ReportsUser must enter their OP User Name and Password to navigate to the external OP Reports.
QIC (MU Calculator)This option will take you to the QIC (Quality Improvement Calculator).
OP Report ShareThis option will take you to the OP Report Import/Export Utility.
Database ViewerDo not use unless directed by OP Support.
Database ExporterDo not use unless directed by OP Support.
Diagnostic Tests ImportWill launch the OP Lab import Multi Location page. This is where staff will import test results once an interface is live.


Menu ItemDescription
WindowsThis will display any windows you currently have open in OP and allows you to navigate between windows.


Menu ItemDescription
Help TopicsThis option will take you to the OP Wiki. This can also be accessed by pressing 'F1' on your keyboard.
Release Notes/Known IssuesThis option will take you to OP Wiki page that contains Release Notes and documented Known Issues for your current version of OP.
Service Availability DashboardThe Service Availability Dashboard provides details regarding any third party programs that are experiencing issues or outages.
Internet Speed TestThis option will test the speed of the Internet connection between your office and the OP Cloud server.
Application StatusThis option will allow you to see into the OP database functions and their statuses.
AboutThis option will take you to the 'License Agreement' window. Here you will see information such as your OP Version and any versions of third party software.
Connexin ViewerThis will direct you to access the 'Team Viewer Application' on your desktop. That allows OP Support to access your workstation remotely.
Support CenterThis option will launch the OP Community/Support web page.