Message Center

Version 14.8

About Message Center

Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button > Messages tab
Path: Smart Toolbar > Telephone button

The Message Center serves as the "control center" for correspondence and communication internal and external to your office.

Message Center Map



TabsThe Message Center tabs include:
  • Unread Phone: New messages originating from phone calls.
  • Unread Portal: New messages originating from the Patient Portal.
  • Unread External: New messages originating outside the practice.
  • Needs Action: Messages that have been marked 'Act Req'.
  • Read: Messages marked as 'Read' from the Unread Phone tab.
  • Sent: All sent messages (*Messages can be invalidated by the original sender from the Sent tab).


+ New Message buttonThe + New Message button opens the New Message window.


Comment buttonThe Comment button allows you to comment and saves the message in the patient chart without sending to a recipient.


Reply buttonThe Reply button opens the message in Reply mode with the original sender as the recipient.


Reply All buttonThe Reply All button opens the message in Reply mode with all recipients marked to receive the reply.


ForwardThe Forward button opens the message in Reply mode without a recipient selected.  Select the recipient to receive the message.


Include Prior Text checkboxSelect the Include Prior Text checkbox when you want to include the prior message text in the response.
Message gridThe Message grid displays the messages for the selected tab.
Message Details gridThe Message Details grid displays the details for the selected message in the Message grid.


Search CriteriaThe search criteria narrows a search to look for a particular message.  The criteria includes the following:
  • Scope: Select another individual from the drop-down, or everyone to view others' message (privilege required).
  • Dates: View prior messages by selecting an alternate date range.
  • Confidential: Check the box to view Exempt From Reporting messages (privilege required).
  • Search Schedule: Click icon to open the Search for Appointments window.