Message Center Badges

Version 20.0

Click any item (except Instant) in the Messages Group of the Main Navigation Panel to navigate to the Message Center window, where the scope defaults to Me. This is where all outstanding messages are displayed in tabs, as well as the Read and Sent tabs. The badges on each tab are driven by the scope at the top of the window. They are updated in real-time as the scope is changed. Available scope options in this window include: User and Include EFR. 

There is no maximum number of messages that display when using the Search box, so users should be thoughtful about what words to use when searching and how to set the scope prior to searching.


The presence of a slash in a badge indicates that there are EFR messages. In the image below, the red badge indicates there are 116 unread messages, 2 of which have been flagged as EFR.

To display the EFR messages, select the Include EFR checkbox. The ability to see EFR messages is restricted to those who have the appropriate visibility level.