Messages for Document and Survey Failures (PAM/Stenographer)

Version 20.8


Stenographer, often referred to as PAM (Portal Alert Monitoring), is a monitoring system integrated between OP and the InteliChart Patient Portal for the purpose of ensuring that Surveys and Documents shared from OP are successfully transmitted to the portal. When a Survey or Document fails to be delivered to the portal, a message is auto-transmitted to the user who initiated the sharing of the item. This message is displayed in the Unread Portal tab of the OP Message Center with a subject of Document failed to deliver or Survey failed to deliver. The only way to ensure the patient receives the Survey or Document to the portal account is to correct the error noted in the message and resend the item to the portal.

Message Examples

Specific Errors

Specific errors, such as in the above image, indicate that there is required data missing that is prohibiting the Survey or Document to be sent to the portal. For example, the Stenographer message above states [Patient does not have an active portal account, Staff does not have an active portal account]. This means that the patient does not have an active InteliChart Patient Portal account, and that the user who initiated the sharing of the Survey to the portal is either not added to the InteliChart Practice Portal as a user or that they are not associated to their user record in the Practice Portal. Both of these errors must be corrected in order for the same user to be able to push the patient's Survey to the portal.

Non-Specific Errors

Non-specific errors, such as Data Pipeline errors, indicate that that Survey or Document was not delivered successfully to the portal. If the Data Pipeline error is Document-related, OP users should resend that Document to the patient's portal account. If the Data Pipeline error is Survey-related, OP users should resend the Survey to the patient portal. For information on resending a survey to the Patient Portal, click here.

Message Management

The action to take depends on the date of the message.

Messages received 9/1 and prior

OP turned Stenographer on for existing InteliChart Portal practices on 9/1, which may have caused an influx of these Stenographer messages in the Message Center. If your practice was affected by this, contact OP Support. They are able to run a script in your database to remove these messages.

Messages received 9/2 and forward

These messages are considered valid notification messages and should be handled by the practice staff.