Messages Sent Tab

Version 14.10

The messages sent tab can be used to track the stages that your alerts are in, whether or not they were sent or delivered.

Using the buttons at the top of the window, you can change the date ranges for the report, or view all (which may take a while to populate). You can also sort out the alerts to show you all of the ones that are Undelivered.  The ability is add additional columns in the display window is shown in the screenshot below.  For example, by selecting Message Data or Message Data VM, you are able to view the exact message with child's name and appointment time that was sent to the parent.

The Delivery Stages for your messages are as followed:

  • 0 - created but never delivered to third-party.
  • 1 - third-party accepted, no delivery report
  • 2 - delivery report from third-party
  • 3 - patient responded to message
  • 4 - manual (not intended for electronic delivery)
  • 5 - failure
Note: It is possible that a delivered message can skip directly from stage 1 to stage 3 if they self-confirm quickly. Every 10 minutes we ask our third-party for a report status on anything that is still in stage 1.