Message Module Basics
The telephone button show you messages. The numbers under the telephone correspond to: Unread Phone Messages, Unread Portal Messages, Unread External Messages, Needs Action, Read, and Sent.
Create a Message
On this page you will find instructions on how to create a new message.
Respond to a Message as the Only Recipient
This page will instruct you on how to respond to a message.
Responding to a Message Sent to a Group or Department
This page will instruct you on how to send a message to a group or department.
Comment on a Message
This page will instruct you on commenting on a message.
Enhanced Messaging Features
The Medical Summary tab displays the right side of the Chart Overview. The Demographics Summary displays the left side of the Chart Overview.
View Prior Messages
This page will instruct you on how to view prior messages via messages from the Prior Messages tab and in the patient chart.
Invalidate a Message
This page will instruct you on how to invalidate a message.
Send Instant Message
How to send an Instant Message. Note: Instant messages are not saved or tracked in the audit trail. Once the instant message is deleted, it cannot be recovered.
Send a Message to a Department
In OP 11, you now have the ability to send messages to one or more departments.
View Older Non-Patient Messages in the Message Center
Version 14.19 Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button > Messages tab Path: Smart Toolbar > Telephone button Locate Messages Created Less than 90-Days Messages created less than 90 days can be viewed in the message center by selecting...
Print Messages
Overview A patient's messages can be printed from several places in OP: Medical Records The Message Center The Message window Print Messages from Medical Records From the Clinical  tab, click the Medical  Records  butt...