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We are currently updating the OP Help Center content for the release of OP 20. OP 20 (official version 20.0.x) is the certified, 2015 Edition, version of the Office Practicum software. This is displayed in your software (Help tab > About) and in the Help Center tab labeled Version 20.0. We appreciate your patience as we continue to update all of our content.

Migrating a Server

Please note the following prior to migrating your server:
  • Before performing a server migration, please contact support two weeks prior to the migration so that support may coordinate any services that may need to be installed on the new server.
If support is not notified two weeks prior to the migration, these items below can and will likely occur.
  • Services such as E-prescribing, Lab interfaces, etc. may not be installed immediately, and could take up to a week to be installed.
  • Claim files may not be received by your clearinghouse. Please note that if you are contracted with Instamed, you must contact them directly to ensure that they install their Batch Agent. For any other integrated clearinghouse, please contact Support.
  • Charges to perform the server migration at a rate of $200 per hour.

  • Every user MUST be logged off of OP.
  • If the office uses additional interfaces (i.e. PCC, HL7, E-prescribing, labs, immunization registry), please note that these services will need to be reinstalled by an OP support person following the server migration. IT personnel should contact OP prior to any planned server migration to discuss the interfaces that will need to be reinstalled. Typically, these interfaces can be reinstalled the next day.
  • If support is required "after hours" (and OP has been notified two weeks ahead of time), the rate is $150.00/hour is applied. If support is required "after hours" (and OP has not been contacted with a two week notice prior to a server migration), the rate is $200.00/hour.


Note: It is recommended to keep the same IP address when migrating from an old server to a new server.   This will reduce the amount of work necessary when remapping the individual workstations.
  1. Before the day of the the scheduled migration, Contact Customer Support to have them install all the required software onto the new server. Support will also provide you with a new OPSETUP.ini file to use for the existing workstations.
  2. On the day of the scheduled migration, stop all of the OP Services including any of the following:
  • Firebird Server on the old and new server
  • OP IIS Service
  • OP Msg Service
  • OP Prescriptions
  • OP Backup Service
  • OP HL7
  • OP Quest Hub
  • OP Labinterface
  1. Fully shut down OP.  Ensure all users are logged out during the migration.  Users can only log back into their workstations after the workstations are mapped to the new server.
  2. Copy the gdb_common folder FROM the old server TO the new server.
  3. Rename the gdb_common folder on the old server to gdb_common_old and unshare it.
  4. Copy the gdbmed folder FROM the old server TO the new server.  Within the folder we only need to copy three dbd files: medical, docimage, and opdocs.
  5. Rename the gdbmed folder on the old server to gdbmed_old.
  6. Renaming the old files will ensure that no workstation is accidentally pointing to the old server.
  7. Share the gdb_common folder on the new server and give Full Access rights to the gdb_common shared folder.
  8. Start the Firebird Service on the new server.
  9. You will now need to re-map the gdb_common on all workstations and replace the opsetup.ini file inside the root OP folder with the new file provided by Support.
  10. Launch OP and verify proper connectivity.  Check the schedule tab and bring up several appointments to verify your data migrated correctly.
  11. You should now install the OP Backup program and adjust any existing backup schedules to reflect the changes you made on the new server.
  12. Map all workstations to the new server.  While at each workstation, check the opsetup.ini file.  Verify that all the lines in the opsetup.ini file have the NetPath pointing to the new server.  If the IP and mapped drive names have not changed, then no other updates should be necessary.
Contact support to have the necessary services, such as e-Prescribing, Lab Interface, and proper Clearinghouse agents installed.