MU: Correct Assignment of Plans to Medicaid or non-Medicaid Status

This is step 3 of 7 for configuring a report to indicate volume count   as listed in MU: Introduction to Determining Medicaid Volume using the OP Software.

You should determine if you need to change the status of a plan. If you need to change the status of a plan, go to Billing > Payers. From there you will want to setup your payers correctly. Be sure to perform the following:

  1. Select the Claims/Routing tab.
  2. Click the Claim Type dropdown.
  3. Select MC for Medicaid plans and set to another status for non-Medicaid plans.

If you need to change your insurance plan claim types, be sure to rerun the Confirm Medicaid Designation of Plans in OP is Correct until all the classification is correct.

When you have completed correcting the status of a plan, proceed to the next step indicated in the Introduction.