MU: Decide if your Provider(s) will Attest as Individual(s) or Group

Note: This is step 5 of 7 for configuring a report to indicate volume count  as listed in MU: Introduction to Determining Medicaid Volume using the OP Software.

Before you can assign the individual or group SQL, you need to determine if your provider(s) will attest as individual(s) or groups. EHR is based on individual EP performance, but providers can designate a practice to receive the incentive funds on their behalf. This is a decision only the provider can make. Other factors may be determined based on your state regulations. When making this decision, consider the following:

  • It is simpler to attest as a group. This means you can run one report that can be applied to all attesting providers.
  • Even if some of the clinicians in a Practice are not eligible providers, the group practice attestation must use the entire Practice's patient volume and not limit it. For example, if your practice employs a physician assistant (PA) or a registered dietitian (RD), you must include their Medicaid volume in your group, even though the PA and RD are not eligible providers for the MU program.
  • The group volume attestation must use all providers who saw patients during the time period in the practice, even if those providers are no longer with the group.
  • The group practice volume attestation can be applied to new providers who were not part of the practice during the volume attestation period, but were part of the practice during the MU reporting period.

You can find more information in the CMS EHR Incentive Program FAQs document.

Once you have determined if your providers will attest as individuals or group, go to the next step in the MU: Introduction: Determining Medicaid Volume using the OP Software.