MU: Pick a 90-day Medicaid Volume Attestation Period

Note: This is step 1 of 7 for configuring a report to indicate volume count  as listed in MU: Introduction to Determining Medicaid Volume using the OP Software.

The Medicaid patient volume methodology is set by your State Medical Technology Plan. The patient volume report period is dependent on your state:

  • Any continuous 90-day period within the calendar year prior to the payment year.  

Example: If you are reporting for the 2018 MU year, you may select any consecutive 90 days in 2017.

  • Any continuous 90-day period for the 12-month period that immediately precedes the attestation submission date. 

Example: If you are reporting for the 2018 MU year and are submitting on 2/25/2019, you may select any consecutive 90 days between 2/24/2018 and 2/24/2019.

When you choose the first day of the Medicaid volume attestation period, the OP software will automatically calculate a 90-day window with that start date within the SQL code.

Note: This is different than your Meaningful Use attestation period, which is the main 90 or 365 day reporting period of MU.

Be sure to record the following:

My Medicaid volume attestation period dates:
My Meaningful Use attestation period dates:

When you have determined your attestation period, move onto the next step listed in the introduction of this section.