New Calendar FAQs

How do I enable the new calendar?

You will need to enable the new calendar component after you take the 21.3 release. It will automatically be turned on after your roll-out date.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Global Preferences > Schedule.
  2. Under Calendar Component, select the Devex (new) radio button.

If I turn on the new calendar while other staff are logged in, will it effect them?

You can turn the new calendar one while other staff are also logged into OP, and they will not be affected.  Currently logged in users would have to log off of OP, end all sessions and log back in to see the change.

Will the new calendar effect our schedule templates?

No, your Schedule Templates will not be impacted.

If an appointment is cancelled, can the physician see the appointment on the Tracking screen?

Yes, if an appointment is cancelled and the slot is open for another appointment, the original appointment is still visible on the Tracking screen with the Cancelled status.

Can I choose NOT to have the appointment slots labeled and still use the new calendar?

Yes. In the Schedule Settings you would choose not to have the timeslot names listed. See this Calendar Setup article for more details.

Can I still add a patient on a Do Not Book zone?

Yes, you will still be able to do add a patient on a Do Not Book zone. The functionality of how the zone purposes and protection has not changed.

What are the borders of color on the left and right side of the appointment?

Left side: Appointment Type

Right side: Background of the Appointment Zone