New OP Intelichart Portal Implementation Schedule

New OP Intelichart Portal Implementation Schedule

The document below will allow your practice to easily determine when OP plans to deliver the portal to your practice. 

Schedule Status Legend

See the Legend here for a description of each status.

DeliveredCongratulations! You are now ready to take your new OP Intelichart Portal live in your practice.
In ProgressClient is actively working with OP's implementation teams to begin implementing the new OP Portal.
Client Input NeededOP has requested information from your practice and is ready and waiting to begin the implementation process with you.
OP to ContactOP to begin portal implementation in June.

Tip: To quickly locate your OP MED ID in the list below, press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and type the OP MED ID number. Don't know how to find your OP MED ID in OP? Click here for instructions.