Note Marked as Incomplete

Version 14.10


There may be instances when a provider needs a visual reminder that an encounter or well visit note is incomplete. Prior to saving a note, an indicator can be set as this visual reminder to flag the note as incomplete. 

To do this:

  1. Prior to closing the note, select the Flag as incomplete checkbox.
  2. Exit and save the note.

  1. In the patient's Encounter or Well Visit tab of the chart the Progress Note column displays NOTE STATUS:  MARKED AS INCOMPLETE 
  2. To complete the note and resolve the incomplete status:
  1. From the Encounters or Well Visits tab on the Schedule and Practice Workflow window, you will see notes that have not been finalized and have been flagged as incomplete. Highlight the note and click the Edit button.
  2. Deselect the Flag as incomplete checkbox. 
  3. Complete and finalize the note.
Note: If you choose to finalize the note prior to deselecting the Flag as Incomplete checkbox, a Confirm window appears to warn you that the note is marked as incomplete. Click No if additional edits are needed or click Yes to finalize the note.