Objective 2: Electronic Prescribing

Previously known as Meaningful Use Stage 3, CMS renamed the EHR Incentive Programs to Promoting Interoperability in April 2018. The program has evolved over time as providers have adopted EHRs and is focused on interoperability across EHRs and improving patient access to health information, hence the name Promoting Interoperability.

At time of attestation you will need a screenshot of the QIC and a download of the SQL to a CSV file. All information should be saved to your "Book of Evidence". This can be an electronic folder of all documentation for the reporting period.

Objective 2: E-Prescribing with Formulary Query

>60% of all medications, controlled and non-controlled medications, written during the reporting period are queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically.


  • All medication prescribed during the reporting period, this includes controlled and non-controlled medications.
  • Prescription with a Purpose of Med - to dispense or Med - unformatted.
  • Prescription qualifies by Rx start date, not the date written.
  • Will include prescriptions that were sent as a proxy where the provider was the Prescriber.


  • Prescription that qualified in the denominator were sent electronic.
  • Queried for drug formulary.

Drug Formulary Query - Enabled during the Entire Reporting Period

Set Provider Formulary Checking

  1. From the Medications tab of a patient chart, click New to add a new medication.
  2. Search for any medication.
  3. From the Medication Finder window, click the Check Formulary checkbox.
  4. Save as a Preference.
  5. Complete the above steps for all providers. 

Set Formulary Preference

  1. Navigate to Admin tab > Global Preferences > Special tab > Prescribe tab.
  2. Deselect the Allow user to make formulary checking optional when writing prescription checkbox.
  3. Click the Exit button.

NoteThis Global Preference is defaulted to allow providers to individually set the preference for Formulary checking. It is recommended to have all prescribers set the Formulary checkbox and save as a preference in the Medication Finder then deselect the checkbox in Global Preferences to disable the feature so that it cannot be accidentally changed.

Exclusions for Objective 2:

  • Writes fewer than 100 permissible prescriptions during the reporting period.
  • Does not have a pharmacy within their organization and there are no pharmacies that accept electronic prescriptions within 10 miles of the practice location at the start of the reporting period.

SQL for Objective 2

The QIC does not show patients that met and the patients that did not meet the Objective. Run the below SQL below for the detail information. A final run of the SQL should done at time of attestation and saved to a CSV file for audit purposes. If you are not familiar with running SQL's, click here for detail information.

Click the below link to run the SQL for the measure of Objective 2.