Objective: Public Health Reporting

Tip: The information in this article is used for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (2018 and prior years). The information should not be used for Promoting Interoperability (formerly MU Stage 3, attestation years 2019 and after). If you need information for Promoting Interoperability, select from the links below.


The objective for Public Health Reporting is an attest only measure. The objective includes three measures a practice may report: 

  • Immunization Registry
  • Syndromic Surveillance
  •  Specialized Registry

Click to view this CMS document for complete information of the objective and exclusions permissible. The Active Engagement except is supplied below:

Active Engagement Option 1

Completed Registration to Submit Data: The EP registered to submit data with the PHA or, where applicable, the CDR to which the information is being submitted; registration was completed within 60 days after the start of the EHR reporting period; and the EP is awaiting an invitation from the PHA or CDR to begin testing and validation. This option allows providers to meet the measure when the PHA or the CDR has limited resources to initiate the testing and validation process. Providers that have registered in previous years do not need to submit an additional registration to meet this requirement for each EHR reporting period.

Active Engagement Option 2

Testing and Validation: The EP is in the process of testing and validation of the electronic submission of data. Providers must respond to requests from the PHA or, where applicable, the CDR within 30 days; failure to respond twice within an EHR reporting period would result in that provider not meeting the measure.

Active Engagement Option 3

Production: The EP has completed testing and validation of the electronic submission and is electronically submitting production data to the PHA or CDR.

NoteFor any entity that the practice would like to exchange data with as it pertains to Public Health Reporting or Syndromic Surveillance, it is the practice responsibility to enter into Active Engagement under one of three above options. Once the practice is in Active Engagement Option 2 you will need to submit an interface request with the Client Advocate Team. Office Practicum will provide a quote and manage it like all other interface request. The practice will incur a charge for the interface unless it was included as part of the original contract. In addition, Office Practicum will require time to develop the interface.