ODBC Connection to OP Database

Note: OP Cloud does not allow an ODBC connection setup.

The article outlines how to set up an ODBC connection to an Office Practicum Database.

  1. Download the most recent ODBC connector form the following Website (32 or 64-bit):  https://www.firebirdsql.org/en/odbc-driver/.
  2. Install the ODBC driver (for example, Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.148_win32.exe) - default install.
  3. Go to Administrative Tools and open the ODBC Manager "Data Sources (ODBC)".
  4. Create a System DSN (Click the Add button).
  5. Choose Firebird/Interbase driver and click the Finish button.
  6. Configure the settings according to those in the following screen capture:

  • DSN: Specify the name for the DSN. The DSN is the name you use to access the database from any ODBC source (such as MS Access).
  • Driver: IscDbc (always).
  • Description: Description to identify your connection, if you have multiple connections (optional).
  • Database: <servername>:<local path to OP database> (use localhost if you install ODBC on the same machine as the OP database).
  • Client: C:\Windows\System32\gds32.dll (if you have OP installed and on a 32bit machine).

NoteIf you are using a 64bit machine you need to install the 64bit Firebird client and set the Client dll to: c:\windows\system32\fbclient.dll (64bit dll).

  • DB account: Read_only (use this read-only account to avoid data loss).  The password will be created by OP.
  • Test the connection before you save the connection by pressing the OK button.

You can now use the ODBC connection with all ODBC enabled applications.

Note: If you need Office Practicum Support to configure the ODBC connection, charges will apply.