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Office Practicum eLearning Center

Welcome to the Help Page for the Office Practicum eLearning Center!

Thank you for choosing our eLearning training. This comprehensive, web-based, interactive solution allows you to train on your own schedule, at your own pace. These eLearning lessons are a pre-requisite to attending OP's webinars, and completing the eLearning before your Go-Live allows you to have more time personalizing your workflow within your practice.

Before you begin your eLearning training, please click the link(s) below to access the quick reference guides for our Office Practicum eLearning Center. You may use these documents as a reference throughout your eLearning experience.

Minimum System Requirements

To access your eLearning, ensure that your system is up to date with the minimum system requirements.

Click here to see what is necessary to launch your eLearning.

Click here to login to the Office Practicum eLearning Center

Note: Only those users who have already been set up with a username and password will be able to login to the Office Practicum eLearning Center. Also, only some practices will have an eLearning Enrollment Key assigned to them. If you have questions regarding if you have an eLearning login or an Enrollment Key please reach out to our support team by phone: (800) 218-9916 x 2 or email:

Note: If you forget your password, click the Forgot Password? link on the login page.

The Google Sheet below displays a tab for each core role that OP has eLearning for a practice. Once you click on a tab, you will see what eLearning is available.