Office Practicum Medical Home Toolkit

Office Practicum Medical Home Toolkit

Office Practicum offers a PCMH Toolkit, a secure portal that PCMH customers can access throughout the year to create the reports that support their PCMH competencies.  

In addition to the reporting you need, within this self-service toolkit you’ll find a ton of great information about each of the reports (including any caveats or notes with more context), a robust FAQ, and tips and tricks on how to accomplish elements that may not be as simple as generating & sending a report.


In order to access the toolkit, you will need to complete the quick and easy registration:

  1. Locate your OPMED ID (in OP, click Help > About). For more information about where to locate your practice’s ID number, check out this Help Center article
  2. Once you’ve got your OPMED ID, complete the registration process directly on the new PCMH Toolkit site! The self-registration will take less than a minute, and you’ll receive your activation email within two business days.

Complete your registration at

Note: Click the link above to register for the PCMH Toolkit. Approval for access to the Toolkit may take up to 2 business days. After approval of your registration is complete, you will receive an email to the address you registered.