Office Practicum Mobile


OP Mobile: Appointments
When you select the Appointments option, you will be brought to this screen. The appointments will default to the current logged in user, on the current day.
OP Mobile: Patient Chart
When you select Patient Chart, you will be brought to the patient search screen. After you have selected a patient, you will be given three options: Allergies, Problems, and Medications.
OP Mobile: Messages
After you log in to Office Practicum Mobile, you will be greeted with the Start Screen. On this screen, there will be two main options: Messages and Pictures.
Pairing Your Device
Once you have downloaded the Office Practicum Mobile app, you must pair your device with Office Practicum. When you start the app, you will be greeted with the Patient Portal Web Address Screen.
OP Mobile: Pictures
How to work with photos in Office Practicum Mobile.
OP Mobile: Troubleshooting
A few troubleshooting tips for Office Practicum Mobile.