Office Practicum Portal Applications


OP 14 Applications in the OP Patient Portal
The Office Practicum Applications are a set of pluggable applications built into the patient portal that interface directly with your Office Practicum installation.
OP Patient Portal Applications: Insurance Carriers
The Insurance Carriers Application displays a list of the active insurance carriers available in your installation of Office Practicum.
OP Patient Portal Applications: Medications Refill
The Medications Refill Application is a Message-Based Application that displays a list of ongoing medications and allows a user to request refills.
OP Patient Portal Applications: Notifications
The Notifications Application lets you see all the notifications / bulk messages that were sent to the current logged in Contact through the Patient Message eXchange.
OP Patient Portal Applications: Problem List
The Problem List Application displays a tabular list of all of the currently-known medical issues associated with the current patient.
OP Patient Portal Applications: Records Request
The Records Request Application allows a portal user to request their patients' records from the office.
OP Patient Portal Applications: Update Patient
The Update Patient Application allows users to view demographic information on the current patient, and allows them to modify their extended demographic information.