Office Practicum Release Updates January 2022 (OP 20.15.9 - 20.15.10)

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About Phased Releases

OP's releases are currently being released in phases and are rolled out to groups of Practices. Each Practice will receive email communication (sent to the Primary Practice Contact we have on file) announcing the availability of each OP release. On-Premise Practices can find instructions for completing the OP update here. If needed, our professional services team can perform this update for you at our standard rates. Before reporting any issues specific to the release, check the Post-Release Support Trend Updates for topics that have been reported.

To make sure you're viewing the correct information for your Practice, refer to the Build Number located in OP under Help > About.

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Office Practicum 20.15.10 Release Notes


All Practices January 27, 2022

Release Notes

Click here to open and print a PDF copy of the OP 20.15.10 Release Notes.

OP Metadata/Maintenance Update: On-Premise Action Required, No Change to Build Number


On-Premise and Cloud January 13, 2022

An important Maintenance update is required to upgrade backend components that will support future OP release builds. This update will not impact the current OP build number, and Practices will continue to see the most recent Build Number, 20.15.9, in Help > About if currently up-to-date with releases. No action is required for Cloud Practices. However, On-Premise Practices will need to run the update via the Web Updater. If this update is not completed, future OP updates may be unsuccessful.

Office Practicum 20.15.9 Release Notes


On-Premise January 6, 2022 / Cloud January 8, 2022

Release Notes

Click here to open and print a PDF copy of the OP 20.15.9 Release Notes.