Office Practicum Release Updates: Version OP 21.0


OP Maintenance Release 21.0.33 | On-Premise: March 9, 2023 Cloud: Per email communication

Upcoming Features

Under-the-Hood PreWork

This maintenance release does under-the-hood prework for two new features:

  •  Priority ePA - At the time you create a prescription, you can indicate to the pharmacy the need for an expedited e-prior auth.
  • CareQuality - Users will be able to push and pull data on their patients through the national Carequality network.

You will only see these features enabled if you are actively beta-testing them.  The vast majority of OP practices will not see any changes.

OP Maintenance Release 21.0.32 | On-Premise: February 22, 2023 Cloud: Per email communication

Issue Resolutions

Impacting Workflow for Clinical users

  • Fixed Access Violation occurring in the eRX workflow.

OP Maintenance Release 21.0.31 | On-Premise: February 13, 2023 Cloud: February 11, 2023

Look out for these icons! 

Less Clicks Campaign!Major UpdateIncreased Accuracy

New/Updated Vaccines

VacLogic+: PCV15 and PCV20

PCV15 and PCV20 have been added to VacLogic+.  It will now forecast correctly for infants and children (PCV15) and adults  (PCV15 and PCV20) as per current ACIP recommendations.

New Rabies and PCV20

Two rabies vaccines (Imovax and Rabavert) and Prevnar 20 have been officially added to the OP database, along with the CPT codes for product. Because rabies vaccine is not ACIP-recommended for the general US population, predictive dosing/spacing support will not be added to VacLogic+.

Baby Bivalent COVID Vaccines and VacLogic+

VacLogic+ for “kiddie bivalent” (5-11y) and "baby bivalent" (6m-5y) COVID-19 vaccines have been enabled. You can now expect correct forecasting of all bivalent vaccines, which will appear in the "COVID box" of a patient's vaccine record.

Also, "Baby bivalent" Pfizer (6m-4) and Moderna (6m-5) COVID-19 vaccines have been officially added to the OP database, along with the CPT codes for administration and product. Vaccine names are COVID19 PFR BIV 6M-4 and COVID19 MOD BIV 6M-5, respectively. Practices who already entered these vaccines according to our previous guidance will not notice a material change.

Resource Updates

New VIS: Smallpox and COVID

OP has added updated VIS sheets for smallpox-monkeypox vaccine and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for ages <5, 5-11, and 12+.

CHADIS Survey Updates

Two CHADIS surveys have new versions which have been updated in OP's database., the PHQ-9-M (#794) and the Plateau Pediatrics Lead Questionnaire (#1081). Users may now order and add these new survey versions to templates.

Recently Added Reports Now Available (On-Premise)

The OPReportShare.exe utility makes sure that new and updated OP Reports are distributed with OP updates. Previously, an error in the OPReportShare.exe utility resulted in OP On-Premise practices not receiving several recent new OP Reports (such as the 2022 Asthma Action Plan.) 

In this update, On-Premise practices will receive two new reports, the Asthma Action Plan 2022 and the Well visits By Month. Five older reports have also been updated and delivered to your system, but they are not yet active. For instructions on how to view and activate these reports, please see the OP Report Share Updates article. 

Note: Cloud clients have already received the new and updated reports in a previous release.

Improved Functionality For All Users - You Asked, We Answered!

Appointment Confirmations: Less Clicks! 

After appointments are confirmed on the schedule, an OK icon   should appear.  Previously, the OK icon did not appear on the schedule immediately after the user marked an appointment as confirmed.  The user had to force a refresh, i.e. click on the Tracking screen or another day on the Schedule, before seeing the OK icons on the schedule.  Now the screen refreshes automatically and icons refresh immediately after the appointment is confirmed.

Superbill Counts

The Superbill badge count is the number of superbills created between 180 days ago to 30 days ago AND which have a Stage of Ready or Hold. This is different from the total number of Superbills visible in the Billing Center, which may be any age or any stage. The differing counts, while both technically correct, were not well signposted, causing confusion. Now, when the Superbills screen is launched through the badge, the 180-to-30-days-old date range and Stage criteria are defaulted in the view, so that the drilldown report matches the badge count. Opening Superbills from the Billing Center itself will still show all pending superbills (and may not necessarily match the badge count.)

Issue Resolutions Impacting Workflows for All Users

Documents Worklist Shows Addressee Correctly

Data Quality Console: Prior Phone

Issue Resolutions Impacting Providers and/or Clinical Staff Workflows

Author-Only Visibility

Issue Resolutions Impacting Non-Clinical Staff and/or Billing Staff Workflows

VFC Validation Veritas

Previously, when an insurance record was invalidated or removed from a patient's insurance ranking, the patient's VFC status would not update accordingly (e.g. turn to 2 for now becoming self-pay). Now, a popup message asks the user to confirm the VFC change.

Patient Insurance

  • Previously, when a secondary insurance was changed to be the primary, the summary text above the grid was showing the new primary insurance (formerly the secondary) and the legacy secondary insurance, making it appear as though the primary and secondary insurance were the same. (The grid below correctly reflected the primary and secondary insurance.)  Now, the text above the grid will refresh both the primary and secondary insurance fields anytime a ranking change is made.

  • Each insurance record for a patient in OP is issued a unique internal ID number (POLICYNO).  The first insurance record ever entered for a particular patient is 1, the second insurance record ever entered for that patient is 2, etc.  This allows proper disambiguation of records.  Note: this unique internal ID number is different from the primary/secondary/tertiary ranking and also from the insurance's subscriber ID number.  A bug was introduced in a previous release in which some newly-created insurance records would duplicate an existing internal ID number, as opposed to getting a new/different internal ID number.  When internal IDs were duplicated, users were unable to change ranking or activate/inactivate these insurance records.   This behavior has been corrected. 

Prior Phone Sent to IIS

Corrected Claims Queue As Expected


OP Hotfix Release 21.0.24 | All Practices: January 31, 2023

Issue Resolutions

Impacting Workflow for All users

  • Users will no longer receive a “Stream Read Error” message when opening Charts.
  • When navigating from one patient’s chart to another, OP will now display the correct photo..

OP Maintenance Release 21.0.23 | On-Premise: January 25, Cloud: Per email communication

Issue Resolutions

Impacting Workflow for All users

  • Performed general improvements in the Patient Banner to improve performance and reduce Access Violations.
  • OP will now maintain a cache of patient photos to improve chart performance.

OP Maintenance Release 21.0.10 | On-Premise: January 13, Cloud: Per email communication

Issue Resolutions

Impacting Workflow for All users

From time to time, practices may change a patient's name in the Register (Basic Information field).

Prior behavior: If a Document (attached to a message) that was created BEFORE the name changed, has its metadata (Item Type, Item Category, Reviewed by, Review Date, Notes, etc) changed AFTER the name change occurs, the Document disappears from the screen; also a duplicate copy of the Document was created. Note: Only Documents attached to messages had been affected.

New behavior: If metadata is changed on these types of Documents after a name change, OP accepts the change, the Document stays on the screen. No duplicate is made.

OP Maintenance Release 21.0.9 | On Premise: January 4, Cloud: January 5

Issue Resolutions

Impacting Workflow for All users

Users will no longer see the previous user’s windows when logging into OP from the same computer. 

Impacting Providers and/or Clinical Staff Workflows

The CPT Code changes effective as of 1/1/2023 have been implemented in OP. Details of the CPT code changes can be found here.

21.0.7 Release: On-Premise: Dec.13, 2022, Cloud: Per email communication

Note: The previously released OP 21.0.6 has been retracted and replaced with OP 21.0.7.

Look for throughout this document to identify work done to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act.

Release Video

Upcoming Feature


Impacting Workflow for All users

Those subscribed to CareQuality will have the ability to access a Patient’s medical records while working on a Patient’s visit note. In preparation for this new feature, the following validations are in place:

Improved Functionality for All Users

Search for Staff/Providers 

To allow users to quickly and easily find a staff member, a Staff Search field is now available in the Staff Directory. Path: Practice Management tab > Staff/Providers.

Access to the last 5 patient charts

Access to the last 5 patient charts is available using the drop-down arrow that has been added to the following areas of OP:

Clinical Contacts Address

A column for Address has been added to the Clinical Contacts window. Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab >  Patient Chart > Clinical Contacts.

Patient Search Status Column 

A Status column is available to add in the full Patient Search window. This allows users to easily view each individual's patient status when the status of All is selected. Path: Various

C-CDA displays Guide and Vocabulary List

When a CCD is imported, OP displays the complete list of C-CDA Implementation Guide and Vocabulary Conformance Errors in list format with the line number. This allows you to locate the non-standardized data within the CDA for troubleshooting. Path: Main Navigation Panel > External > CDA > Reconciliation Tab

Direct Message Embedded PDF

When a Direct Message is received where a PDF is embedded within an .XML file, users can click on the attachment to view the PDF in the CDA reconciliation window. Path: Main Navigation Panel > External > CDA icon

Clearer Messaging on non-parsable CDAs

To add clarity, when a non-parsable CDA is received, users will see the following message: "Invalid CDA detected. System is unable to parse the CDA document. If this document was sent by external system please contact the sender." Path: Main Navigation Panel > External > CDA

New Permission for Data Reconciliation

A new permission is required for users to add or reject data in the new CDA Reconciliation module. The new permission of Admin_Data_Reconciliation must be assigned to any user who may need to reconcile data. Path: Admin > Security Administration > Users 

Improved management of CDA Reconciliation

Important: This feature needs to be turned on by OP. We will reach out and coordinate a time to have this enabled. The existing Medication, Problems, and Allergies buttons in the Clinical Document Review and Information screen have been replaced with a single Reconciliation button that will launch the new Data Reconciliation module. Path: Main Navigation Panel > External > CDA Icon. 

Audit Trail

The following improvements have been made to the Log of Access and Review of Records in the Audit Trail:

  • Users can view what areas of a patient's chart were accessed under Emergency Access use.
  • Users can view when a patient's Implantable Devices, Development Milestones, Asthma Plan, and General Notes have been opened and closed.
  • Users can view when areas within Encounters, Well Visits, and documents within Document Management have been opened and closed. Path: Admin tab > Audit Trail > Log of Access and Review of Records tab

Improved Functionality for Providers and/or Clinical Staff

Risk Assessment  

The following risk factors have been added: 

  • ‘Dependence on Cane’ is available to select under Functional Status Assessment.
  • 'Amnesia' is available to select under the Cognitive Status Assessment. Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Risk Assessment >  Current Risk Factors.


  • A drop-down field has been added to document days as part of Gestational Age in the Birth Info Section. Path: Clinical, Practice Management, Billing Tab > Patient Chart > History > Birth Info. 
  • A drop-down field has been added to the Maternal/Pregnancy tab to document Maternal Sickle Cell status. Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart > History > Maternal/Pregnancy tab.

Immunization Reports

Enhanced Immunization reports by listing vaccines from newest to oldest allowing the most recent vaccines to appear when printed. Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart > Immunizations

Vaccine Registry

Historically imported vaccines will include imported administered locations in RXA11-4 for VXU messages. Note: This applies ONLY to Registries that allow re-submission of the same vaccines from the Imported Sync Registry results. Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab  > Patient Chart > Immunizations. 

Asthma Action Plan

  • The Asthma Action plan wizard contains the latest recommendations from NHLBI, including updated guidelines for step therapy for each of the three age ranges (0 - 4 yrs, 5-11yrs, and 12+yrs).
  • To assist providers when entering an Asthma Action plan, a new patient sidebar containing the patient's Problem List and Medication List will be visible on the tabs as you progress through the plan wizard.
  • The report, Asthma Action Plan (2022) has been added to the available reports in the Save/Print tab of the Asthma Plan Wizard. This report reflects the new Action Plan tab layout and data entry and corresponds to the recommended NHLBI action plan.
  • The medication entry tabs for the Asthma Action Plan have been condensed from 3 separate tabs representing Green, Yellow, and Red zones, to a single entry page correlating with the layout and required data of the NHLBI-recommended Asthma Action Plan document. Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart > Asthma Action Plan. 

For details about the Asthma Action Plan, view this article on the Help Center.

Improved Functionality for Non-Clinical Staff and/or Billing Staff

Billing Center Auto-refresh

The billing center grid will now refresh automatically when a payer or provider filter is cleared. Path: Billing Tab > Billing Center

Find Available Appointments 

The Appointment Zone and Time Block labels display in red indicating they are required when selecting the Find Avail button. If these fields are left blank and the Find Appointment button is selected, a Warning dialog will display. Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Schedule > Find Avail.

Total Payments and Adjustments columns

The Total Payments and Total Adjustments columns have been removed from the Claims window. Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart > Claims

Address Book

  • A Preferred Email section has been added to the Address tab of the Address book. Here, you can select the preferred email for communications.
  • Users will receive an alert when entering invalid data in the following fields: Email address 1, Email address 2, and DIRECT email. Path: Clinical, Practice Management, Tabs > Address book. 

Issue Resolutions

Impacting Workflows for All Users

  • Proper formatting will be used when sending emails using PMX (Patient Message Exchange).
  • The Export button in the Audit Trail works as expected. Users are now able to select the location and name of the file before saving their export. A record of the export will display in the disclosure tracking tab.
  • For practices using OP eFax Solution: Users will no longer see the error message window in the Message Center.

Impacting Providers and/or Clinical Staff Workflows

  • When a user selects "Show the OP suggested MDM CPT code in the Audit/Support MDM section on the Encounter note summary",  the OP Suggested MDM CPT code will display in the encounter summary note. If not selected, the OP Suggested MDM CPT code will not display.
  • The following tabs in the Clinical Work window will now automatically update with the number of records that need to be reviewed: Encounters, Well Visits, Referrals, and Surveys.
  • Users no longer need to click the Refresh button for results to display in the E-Prescribe Center.
  • The Medication Favorites window will now display Invalid medications, corresponding to the Master List.

Impacting Non-Clinical Staff and/or Billing Staff Workflows

  • When a phone number is updated after an appointment is scheduled, the updated phone number will display in the Calendar view.
  • Hyphens in the primary phone number fields are now visible in the Calendar/Tracking and the Add/Edit Appointment windows.
  • Marking an appointment as Cancelled will populate the checkout time.
  • The Check-In time column will update with today’s date when selecting ‘note’ as a Visit Status on the Calendar.
  • When printing an individual Patient statement or Insurance statement, these will display under Disclosures in Document Management.
  • MySQL clients will no longer see voided balances as a balance in the Family Insurance balance.
  • Users are able to sort by each of the different headers within the Insurance grid. By default, the grid will sort by Insurance Ranking: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Inactive.
  • Users can now sort the Claim Status History by date, staff, and category. By default, it will sort by oldest date to newest date.
  • If users have saved a CPT code with a space after it, the space will no longer show on new claim files which caused rejections. Note: For older claims, you will need to void the original claim and recreate or you may reach out to Support for further assistance.
  • The printed A/R summary report and the values displayed in the A/R Summary tab in the Billing Center will show the same values.