Office Practicum Web Update

Office Practicum Web Update (OPWebUpdate) Version 7.3 is the program used to update your version of Office Practicum.

Note: Ensure that you have this version before running the update.

What is OPWebUpdate?

OPWebUpdate is an application you can download and use to update your version of Office Practicum. Before you update to any version, make sure you review the release notes associated with the latest release to assure your site is ready to accept the changes.

Note: For a major upgrade that requires a change to the database and requires that all users must be out of Office Practicum, the process can take up to 2 hours or more based upon your server speed and the amount of patient records in your database. Make sure that time is set aside for a lengthy update. Once the update process begins, intentionally stopping it may result in damage to your database. Please note that an upgrade should be done from the server.

Before Updating

Downloading and Installing OPWebUpdate

Updating the OP Web Updater

Running WebUpdate