On-Premise Server Access Requirement

Important Notice for access by OP: Our support staff will require secure, unattended remote access to its OP solution at all times for solution monitoring, technical support, and backup purposes. Customers will provide the necessary infrastructure, internet connectivity, and technical resources required to affect such remote access by OP support. The customer understands that failure to supply OP support staff with access to the solution, as needed, constitutes a material breach of the SASA and that customer is not licensed to use the software in a manner that is "disconnected" from Support.

Teamviewer (Unattended Access):

  1. Download teamviewer host from Teamviewer's webpage: https://download.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewer_Host_Setup.exe
  2. Install Teamviewer Host, when prompted, select personal use.
  3. Proceed with the installation using all default options.
  4. Once the install completes you will be prompted to set up Unattended Access. Generate a unique random password or have OP generate one to be used as the 1st level of server authentication for OP Support.
  5. When prompted to create a Teamviewer account, select I don't want to create a Teamviewer account now radio button and proceed. 
  6. The next screen will provide you with a Teamviewer Session ID. Session ID's are only usable for Support to connect into another user's session. The Session ID should not be confused with a Server ID.
  7. Once completed, you should test remote access with OP Support by obtaining the Teamviewer ServerID.
  1. From the system tray, right-click on the Teamviewer icon.
  2. Select About Teamviewer.
  1. A dialog box will open with a Teamviewer ServerID value. Provide this to OP Support who can then test server unattended access.

Windows Profile for Support (limited windows accessibility outside of OP Applications/Services):

OP Support requests the following:

  • Your IT group provides a Windows user/account for OP. We leverage this account with Teamviewer Host (unattended access) so that Support can always troubleshoot/diagnose any problems you might run into using OP.
  • The Windows user/account would need access to your main database server, your backup workstation/server, and your terminal server(s).
  • The user/account should have the ability to:
    • Install software locally.
    • Start and stop services.
    • Setup/execute task scheduled events.
    • Access Windows Event Viewer.
    • Create/edit Windows Firewall rules.
    • Read/write/execute on any OP created files (gbd_common / gdbmed folders).
    • Utilize task manager to forcibly end processes or log off users.
  • We highly recommend creating OP a service account to allow your IT to see when we have logged onto your server(s) and what work we performed.

OP Services and Software:

OP Support would install the following:

OPIISImmunization Registry.
OPMsgPatient Message eXchange (email/text message notification system).
OP Exchange NetworkE-Prescribing and interface handling service.
OP Exchange Network UpdateKeeps OP Exchange Network Service up to date nightly.
OP QuestHubOP/Quest service for secure lab downloads to the server.
OP Lab InterfaceSecondary OP Labs service that can be used as a demographic bridge with Quest.
Instamed Connect Batch AgentInstamed Clearinghouse service for billing file handling/transmissions.
FirebirdRequired in order to establish database connectivity on the main database server and for any station running OP Backups.
OP BackupOP Backups service.
OP ClientInstalled by default in C:\OP.
OP Web UpdateInstalled for OP On-Premise updates to be performed.

Troubleshooting Software used by OP

  • Notepad++: For easy log file handling and config file adjustments
  • Teamviewer Host/Client: For unattended access to the Database server, client installs for support to access workstations with the client to review errors.
  • Wingrep: Text file search application (HL7 and billing file mass searching for support).
  • IBExpert: Database viewing software installed by OP by default.

Ports / Services / Firewall exceptions

Please review the article on the Help Center for OP Services and Ports.