OP 14 Applications in the OP Patient Portal

Version 14.10

About our Applications

The Office Practicum Applications are a set of pluggable applications built into the patient portal that interface directly with your Office Practicum installation. This group of tools is designed to give parents access to their childrens' carts and communicate with the practice. These tools are essentially what powers your Patient Portal, and makes it useful to your practice members.

List of Available Applications

Click on the name of the application below for a more detailed description of what it does, along with instructions on how to configure.

Application Name
Short Description
Portal Account
Allows a registered portal user to change portal-account-related information.
Displays tabular data concerning the currently selected patient's known allergies.
Appointment Request
Sends a message to one or multiple staff members requesting an appointment on or near a particular date.
Flu Clinic
Allows the user to schedule a time for the currently selected patient to attend an upcoming flu clinic.
Form Request
Allows the user to select from a list of practice-designated forms and request them from the office.
Allows the user to download forms that have been prepared by the office staff for various purposes.
Growth Measurements
Displays various types of growth information about the currently selected patient.
Displays tabular information about the current patient's immunization history.
Insurance Carriers
Displays a list of the practice's supported insurance carriers.
Displays a list of completed laboratory results for the current patient, along with a hyperlink to a printable version of each lab.
Links and Handouts
Displays a list of previously completed or reviewed resources associated with the current patient.
Manage Features
Control which portal features are available for use by parents.
Medications Refill
Allows the user to request refills for the current patient's current medications.
Connects the OP Message Center to the OP Portal, and allows direct, HIPPA-compliant messaging between users and staff members.
Displays all the notifications / bulk messages sent to the current contact
Displays a tabular list of all patients associated with the logged-in user. Clicking on a patient sets them to the Active Patient.
Problem List
Displays a tabular list of the active patient's current major medical problems.
Records Request
Allows the user to request a copy of the current patient's medical records from the office.
Allows the user to request a doctor's referral for the current patient so they can see a specialist.
Register Family
Allows the user to register their entire family, or a new patient, with the practice.
Displays a list of previously-paid and currently-due billing statements relating to the current patient.
Displays a list of currently active items associated with all patients, that need to be viewed, resolved, or confirmed by the portal user.
Update Contact Information
Allows the user to change their personal information on file in the practice's OP install.
Update Patient
Allows the user to modify a patient's extended demographic information.
Visit History
Displays a list of Encounters ("Office Visits") and Well Visits ("Check Ups").
Write Message
Allows the user to write a new secure message to either any staff member, or all staff members.

How to Configure Online Patient Services

When you initially receive your patient portal from Office Practicum, the Office Practicum applications come pre-installed. Your designated office IT staff, along with a representative from our server deployment staff, should have also configured the portal to communicate with your Office Practicum database. After a fresh installation of the patient portal, the only task the portal administrator will need to complete is the configuration of each individual application's preferences, which are tailored to each portal's personal requirements. For instructions on how to do configure each application, please see the application's page in the list above.

Adding and Removing Office Practicum Applications is just as easy as adding and removing any other application from a page. Please note, however, that when you remove an Office Practicum application, your users will no longer have access to that feature of the patient portal, and depending on the application you may risk becoming non-compliant with Meaningful Use.