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OP 19 Exciting Features!

OP 19's Greatest Hits According to Early Adopters!

  • The ability to have multiple charts opened at once! Seeing triplets? No problem. Open all 3 charts/notes and document in parallel.
  • Patient chart is in one location. No more jumping around to the registration, account, medical records....everything about the patient is available in one place.
  • That seems like a lot of information, but the new system allows for significant personalization. You can hide or collapse sections you don’t often use, or put them all under a single category if you prefer!
  • OP 19 has an updated look and feel and BIGGER FONT for aging eyes!
  • The ability to transmit 12 diagnoses on a claim, even if they aren’t attached to a CPT! Users have the ability to rank the order of importance so billers will make sure the most important get sent with the claim. For those of us reporting multiple chronic diagnoses for risk adjustment, or exercise and dietary counseling for well visits, we can send it all!
  • The ability to auto-calculate BMI and attach the appropriate BMI ICD code to well visit notes. No more trying to get your staff or providers to remember to go back to the vital signs table and find the correct BMI category then remember to attach the appropriate code to the note!
  • When attaching a problem to an encounter or well visit, the ability to add the diagnosis to the assessment ICDs as a preference! This will take a little work to make sure you have ICDs on your problem list or at least have memorized linked favorites. (And yes, when you add to problem list from  the encounter note, it will now take both the SNOMED and the ICD along for the ride.)
  • The ability to see the patient instructions at the same time as your plan! The assessment and Plan have been separated to be able to make more diagnoses visible and to be able to see your internal plan and the patient instructions at the same time.
  • Vital signs are on one form! Always forget to go look at the pulse ox? Now you don’t have to worry...all the vital signs are in one place.
  • Ability to see and change the visit status and room from the patient chart! You can also see any upcoming scheduled appointments in the same place. One stop viewing to know where your patient is and what they already have scheduled.

Let us know what your top features and improvements are!

You can now access our Ideas Portal directly from your OP! Keep your ideas coming!