Front Desk QRG
This guide outlines front desk activities such as scheduling and checking in patients.
Register a Patient QRG
This guide outlines the steps for registering a patient.
Schedule Slots QRG
The use of Schedule Slots ensures that your scheduling team has a framework in place for accurate appointment scheduling. Slots provide a visual indication of available appointment slots and the types of appointments that may be booked in those time slots. These slots are created using Appointment Zones.
Billing QRG
This guide outlines Billing activities such as posting charges and sending claims.
Posting ERAs QRG
This guide outlines the steps to take to fetch and process, post, and balance ERAs.
Maintaining Healthy A/R QRG
This guide helps users navigate the Claims (A/R) tab of the Billing Center, and outlines steps to take to maintain healthy A/R, such as pulling in Claim Acknowledgements and making Claim Notes.
Managing Patient Credits and Balances QRG
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Fixing Claims QRG
This guide outlines the steps necessary to correct a claim, send a claim back to the Transmit Queue, and change the insurance payer to which a claim will be sent.
Vaccine Inventory QRG
This guide outlines different tasks related to vaccine inventory such as modify vaccine information sheets and modifying the vaccine code table.
Clinical QRG
This guide outlines clinical tasks such as adding growth measurements and adding tasks.
Provider QRG
This guide outlines provider tasks such as reviewing growth charts and well visit documentation.
Document Management QRG
This guide outlines how to perform several document management tasks such as scanning documents and linking a document to a diagnostic test.
Messaging QRG
This guide outlines Messaging in OP.
Managing Templates QRG
This guide outlines how to manage templates.
Additional Template Features QRG
This guide outlines additional template features.
Navigating the Help Center QRG
This PDF covers topics: Help Center Navigation. Searching, and Viewing.
Diagnostic Setup QRG
This guide outlines diagnostic test tasks such as creating lab test categories or archiving diagnostic tests.
Phrase Construction QRG
Phrase Construction is a tool built into OP that assists with text entry.