OP 21.3 - Creating a Schedule Using Slots For Multi-Location

Version 21.3

The content listed here is transitional documentation and is subject to change.

Thank you for choosing to enable the New Calendar View! We value this opportunity and accept any feedback your practice has to ensure the delivery of user-friendly tools and workflows. 

OP will be rolling out the New Calendar in Jan/Feb 2024! Your practice will receive an email with more information including your roll-out date. Print out our checklists for single or multi-location practices to be ready for the update!

We recommend attending one of our webinars, divided by and tailored for single- and multi-location practices. This more tailored education will help you learn about and navigate the new OP Calendar, as it applies directly to how your practice interacts with the Calendar in OP. 

There are several dates and times available. Please see the Upcoming Webinars page to register!


Schedule Templates and Slots provide a framework for appointment scheduling by designating the times for seeing patients and what types of appointments are preferred throughout the day.  When providers have relatively regular schedules, Schedule Templates can be the most efficient way to define time usage for staff in charge of scheduling appointments. However, when providers have irregular schedules, using Slots is more efficient in defining the available time slots directly from the Calendar.

Clean-up Tip: In order for the multi-location functionality to work in the New Calendar, a provider can only have a single bookable Appointment Zone filled across all locations at any given time.

  • Bookable zones have a purpose of anything except "Do Not Book". 
  • For multi-location practices that have used non-bookable zones such as "Out of Office" to indicate where a provider is not working at a specific location on a specific day: if these overlap with a bookable zone then they will be suppressed and the bookable zone will display.

If you have overlapping bookable zones you will need to clean-up the schedule templates or slots in order to effectively use the new calendar. 

For example, you will need to ensure the purpose of "In other location" zones are set to "Do Not Book". For more information, see the Appointment Zones article on how to update the Zone purpose.

Create a Schedule Using Slots

  1. In the Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab, click the Schedule button.
  2. Click the Office View tab or the tab where you will create a schedule using Slots.
  3. Select the Calendar tab in the top left of the window.

  1. To work on the schedule for one provider, click the drop-down arrow located above the small calendar (and below the Print, Staff and Room buttons) to select a provider. Selecting a provider enables you to look at the Week view for the provider.  If you prefer to only look at one day, it is not necessary to select a provider from the drop-down menu.

  1. Click the Day or Week button.

  1. Click the Slots button.

Note: The Slot view does not display appointments. The Appointment Zones are displayed. The background turns yellow as a reminder that you are in Slots mode. If you do not see the Appointment Zone that you are looking for, click the Zones button and create the Zone.

  1. Select an Appointment Zone from the drop-down menu.

  1. If using Multi-location mode, or scheduling for a provider who splits their time across different locations, select the Location from the Location drop-down menu.

  1. Click the Start Time slot.

  1. Drag the bottom Move bar to the end time.

  1. Repeat these steps for all ofthe days and times to complete the template.

Shortcuts: After clicking on a zone to select it, you can: 

  • Right-click an appointment zone to see the list of choices to change the zone.
  • Right-click to delete a slot or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Del.
  • Right-click to copy a slot or use the key board shortcut Ctrl+C.
  • Right-click at the top of the column and use Copy Column then Paste Column on the day you would like to copy to if a provider has the same schedule for different days of the week. 
  • Clear a template for a day by right clicking in that day and selecting Clear Column.
  • Copy/Paste Week: Can be used for providers with similar schedules or applied to another week where a provider's schedule is identical.
  • Copy/Paste Day: In Day mode, copies all providers for the selected day.
  • Clear Column: To clear a template for a day, if you make a mistake or the provider is unavailable.

Slot Usage

The total amount of time in minutes allocated on the schedule for each Appointment Zone.