OP Cloud Printing Troubleshooting Overview

The information below is related to the older workflow for Cloud printing which is a 2-step process.  

Please Update your 2x Client/Parallels Client to prepare for OP's updated Cloud printing solution.

The OP Cloud print solution utilizes a redirection application that creates a PDF document in your default web browser.  Therefore, your printers do not need to be  "set up"  to print from OP. When you print from OP, the document will appear in a new window of your default internet browser (Google Chrome for example) in the form of a PDF document. 

Once the PDF document is open in your default internet browser, you will be able to right-click and select Print. You will then see any local printer that your system can access.

Tip: The installation of a local printer should be performed by authorized practice staff or contracted third parties (IT). Additionally, it is recommended to install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on any computer that will be printing records from OP. Visit Adobe’s website to download and install this program. The supported browsers for Cloud Print Redirection are the following: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

In the following example, we will perform a fairly simple print request in OP:

  1. Open the Calendar from the Schedule and Practice Workflow window.
  2. Click the Printer button.

  1. The next prompt you will receive will be a Print dialog box. Within the Name dropdown of the Print dialog box, the default "CloudPrint" should be selected automatically (see the image below). Click OK to proceed with the print redirection. If you do not see CloudPrint as an option (as shown below), please see this article for steps to attempt to self-resolve and diagnose. If those steps are unsuccessful please contact OP Support.

  1. At this point your local default browser should open up with the document you are trying to print. You can print using your local browser’s printing option through the menu or through the printer icon embedded in the document (shown in the image below).  If the document does not open in a local browser, be sure to set your default browser. See Changing the Local Default Browser and Default File Type Associations in Windows for steps regarding changing your local default browser or file type associations to resolve.

  1. The next print dialogue box will display all printers to where your computer can send a print job. These will be printers that your staff or your local IT has setup for your computer. Select your desired printing destination from the Name dropdown menu and click OK (shown in the image below).  If you do not see the desired printer at this step, please contact your local IT representative or systems administrator at the office.

  1. If after clicking the OK button your document does not print, you will want to verify that the printer is working outside of OP by sending a print job from another application on your computer. OP defers to the expertise your local IT representative, systems administrator, or hardware manufacturer support to correct the issue with the printer in question for printing issues to your local computer(s).

Tip: This Microsoft Article also provides basic troubleshooting steps when printing any documents from the computer to your printer(s) are unsuccessful.