OP Coding Decision Support

Version 14.10

Additional Coding Information for Coding Your Visits in OP Core Content List

The Quick Reference Guides below will help explain how OP 14 can help your Practice be prepared for an audit. Features such as the OP Coding Calculator can minimize risk during a payer audit.

1. Coding Basics and the Coding Calculator

2. OP Coding Decision Support (Calculator) - What It Can and Cannot Do to Assist You

3. Coding and Documentation Frequent Gotchas

4. Understanding the Audit Report Note

5. Coding: Who Is Responsible

6. Insurance Coding Audits Part 1: Who and Why

7. Insurance Coding Audits Part 2: What and How

8. Same Day Well and Sick Documenting and Coding

Click here  to watch a video on charting well and sick visits on the same day.