OP Financial Analytics

This is a contracted feature available to OP Cloud Practices. Contact your Client Account Manager for more information.


 Navigating Financial Analytics in OP
Learn how to navigate OP Financial Analytics and drill down through report levels.
Financial Analytics: Understanding the Data and How to Compare It to OP Data
Learn how to compare data in Financial Analytics to OP data using the Billing Analysis Report.
Financial Analytics: Practice Summary
Include Charges, Payments, and Adjustments in one panel, and Sick vs. Well in another panel.
Financial Analytics: Denial Summary
Includes six denial-related reports represented by a combination of plot graphs, bar graphs, and pie charts.
Financial Analytics: Accounts Receivable
Displays current A/R data.
Financial Analytics: AR History
Displays historical A/R data.
Financial Analytics: Trends
Includes Payer Charges, Payer Payments, Provider Charges, Provider Payments, CPT Charges, and CPT Payments Trends.
Financial Analytics: Vaccines
Includes Vaccine Charges and Vaccine Payment information.
Financial Analytics: Vaccine Trends
Includes Vaccine Charges and Payments Trends and Charges and Payments Trends.
Financial Analytics: Insurance A/R Worklist
The Insurance A/R Worklist includes Insurance A/R by aging bucket displayed in a bar graph with a corresponding worklist that provides easy access to the patient's Claims.
Financial Analytics: Patient A/R Worklist
The Patient A/R Worklist includes Patient A/R by aging bucket displayed in a bar graph with a corresponding worklist.
Financial Analytics: Denial Worklist
The Denial Worklist includes Denials by Amount displayed in a bar graph with a corresponding worklist.
Exporting Dashboard Data from Financial Analytics
Learn how to export data from Financial Analytics as a PDF, Image, or Excel file.
Financial Analytics: Key Metrics
Includes Monthly and CPT Category Key Metrics.