OP Insights: Encounter Note Status (Sick and Well)

Version 14.8


In this section you will find information on the Encounter Note Status on the Billing Overview tab.  

Why is this Section Important?

Medical encounters are a very important part of the claim life cycle and are key to creating an efficient revenue collection process. Unfinalized notes are liability to practice in more ways than just delaying the payment process. All informatic analysis of EMR records agrees that notes should be completed promptly so that EM codes are accurately assigned and claims can be fully completed while memories are fresh.

Encounter Note Status (Sick and Well)

Unfinalized (3 to 90 days from DOS):

  • What is this?
  • A count of all well visits and sick encounters that have not been finalized. The time range specified is from 3 days after a visit until 90 days after the visit.
  • Keeping it Healthy:
  • This number should be very small and should remain small.
  • For More Information:
  • Unfinalized Encounters and Unfinalized Well Visits are displayed within their respective tabs in the Schedule and Practice Workflow window. Click on the Schedule Icon and then the Encounter or Well Visit tab to view the Unfinalized notes.

Unbilled (3 to 90 days from DOS):

  • What is this?
  • This figure represents the number of encounter and well visit notes that do not have a superbill or charge with the same date of service.  
  • Keeping Healthy:
  • If a visit remains unbilled, revenue has been missed for services that have been provided.
  • For More Information:
  • From the Reports Menu, select Standard Reports. Run the Unbilled Charges for Scheduled Apps report to see what encounters do not have charges.