OP Insights: Patient Credits

Version 14.8


In this section you will learn about the Patient Credits area within the Billing Overview tab.

Billing Center: Overview

Collected but not Applied to Charges

  • What is this?
  • A sum of patient credits that have not been applied to charges.
  • Keeping it Healthy
  • Ensure that patient credits are applied daily.
  • Ensure that your workflow includes using patient credit at the time of posting insurance remittances.
  • Once a month, review the patient credit accounts against outstanding balances.
  • For More Information
  • On a daily basis, the Billing Transaction Analysis Patient Credit Tab can show you the patient credits that have been collected and the patient credits that have been applied.  
  • Prior to creating a statement batch, you can run the “Patient Credit Account Summary Family” report in OP Reports to post any available credits that have not been applied to outstanding balance.

If an office does have outstanding credits that need to be applied to patient charges please see the next section: Applying Patient Credits.