OP Mobile


OP Mobile: Overview
The new OP Mobile is OP's portable companion! It is an independent version of your practice's OP application with on-the-go possibilities!
OP Mobile: Enroll a User
This article explains how practice administrators enroll users and the user's process to enroll in OP Mobile.
OP Mobile: Logging In/Out
This article explains how to log in and log out of OP Mobile.
OP Mobile: Patient Search
This article explains how to search for a patient in OP Mobile.
OP Mobile: Messages
This article explains the OP Mobile messages functionality.
OP Mobile: Patient Chart
In this article, you will learn how to view the details of a Patient Chart.
OP Mobile: Schedule
If you are assigned the correct permissions, you can view the Schedules that are configured for your practice in an agenda view, which allows you to manage your day. You will be able to select and display any Schedule for any day for the practice.
OP Mobile: Uploading Files
This article explains how to upload files using OP Mobile.
OP Mobile: Reset Your Password
This article explains how to reset your OP Mobile password.