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OP Mobile: Messages

After you log in to Office Practicum Mobile, you will be greeted with the Start Screen. On this screen, there will be two main options: Messages and Pictures. Clicking on Messages will expand the list of available options, revealing OP Patient, Not OP Patient, No Patient, and History.

Creating a Message

There are two ways to create a message in Office Practicum Mobile: With a patient, or without a patient. In order to create a message without a patient, you must tap the Messages sub-option, No Patient. Doing so will allow you to compose a message without any patient information.

Creating a message with a patient is done by tapping either OP Patient or Not OP Patient. When you tap OP Patient, you will be brought to a Patient Search screen, where you can search for a patient just like you would in Office Practicum.

If you choose Not OP Patient, you will be brought to the Patient Information screen. On this screen, you will fill out the patient's first and last names, and birth-date.

While you are in the Create Message workflow, you can use the Next and Back buttons to navigate between screens, and any information you enter will be saved. When you are finished composing the message, press the Send button on the last screen to send the message.


By choosing the History option, you can view your last 10 sent messages. Tapping any of these messages will bring you to a detailed view that will show you more information about the message you tapped.