OP Mobile: Patient Search

Version 20.5

Search for a Patient 

  1. After logging in to OP Mobile, navigate to one of following locations:
  • Messages > Compose button > Patient Search field
  • Patients > Patient Search field
  • Upload File > Photo ID > Patient Search field
  • Upload File > Encounter Image > Patient Search field
  1. Click the Search field.
  2. Enter any of the following patient information in the Search field to find a Patient:
  • Patient ID - Enter the complete Patient ID Number.
  • Name: The patient search by name is the same format as searching for a patient in OP.


  • De la Hoya, Oscar: The last name starts with De la Hoya and first name starts with Oscar.
  • Smi, Jo: The last name starts with Smi and the first name starts with Jo.
  • Poppins: The last name starts with Poppins.
  • ,Jane: The first name starts with Jane.

  • Phone Number: A # symbol followed by at least 4 numbers. You can omit the # symbol if you enter a value as a phone number. You can specify international numbers by starting with a + symbol and the country code. By default, the application assumes a US phone number.
  • Email Address (you@me.com): Enter a value of an email address. Must start with non-whitespace characters followed by an @.


  • jeb@hotmail.com: email starts with jeb@hotmail.com
  • greg@connex: email starts with greg@connex
  • musiclover52@: email starts with musiclover52@

  • DOB: Enter a date of birth, you can prefix it with an & symbol. Dates with forward slashes are assumed to be US dates in the mm/dd/yyyy or m/d/yy format. If only a 2 digit year is supplied, the full year is assumed to be 19yy. The ISO standard format for dates, yyyy-mm-dd is also accepted.
  1. Click the Search button or press the Enter key on your keyboard. The search results are displayed.
  2. Select a patient name to display the patient chart.

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