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Former OP Mobile: Pictures

Version 20.5

The content in this article is relevant to the former OP Mobile. 

Warning: The former OP Mobile solution will not work if your Practice has migrated to the new InteliChart portal.

Click here to access content for the New OP Mobile.

After you log in to Office Practicum Mobile, you will be greeted with the Start Screen. On this screen, there will be two main options: Messages and Pictures. Clicking on Pictures will expand the list of available options, revealing Set Patient Photo ID, and Attach To Encounter.

Set Patient Photo ID

Choosing Set Patient Photo ID will bring you to the Patient Search screen, where you can search for a patient just like you would in Office Practicum.

After you have selected a patient, you will be able to take a picture for their Photo ID, and you will be able to confirm the picture and patient selection before you submit the picture.

Attach To Encounter

Choosing Attach To Encounter will bring you to the Encounter Selection screen. This screen will show you all of the open encounters currently in progress in your office. There are specific statuses that the Mobile App looks for. Please take note of these as it will not likely recognize any custom ones you may have created!

The Visit Status setting that OP Mobile will find are:

  1. MD:In Progress
  2. Waiting Room
  3. Nurse:In Progress
  4. Nurse:Shots
  5. MD:Patient Waiting
  6. MD:Finished

The Visit Status setting that OP Mobile does not find:

  1. Scheduled
  2. Checked Out

After selecting an encounter, you will be able to take a picture to attach to that encounter. You will be able to confirm the picture and encounter selection before you submit the picture.

Document/Scanned Image

Choosing Document/Scanned Image will allow you to take a generic picture of any number of items for your practice.

You must set at least the Size and Type of the image in order to submit it. Size is divided into four categories: Extra Large(Full Size), Large(900x1325), Medium(600x900), and small(400x600).
When you select a Type, the subcategories you have used in the past will be loaded and you can choose from that list by pressing on the right arrow next to Category, or you can enter your own value in the field.
If a patient can be added to the document, press the slider and the patient chooser will appear.